Introduction to the group

Established in China in the far east group1993Years,Is the collection of municipal bridge construction、Financial、Trade、International investment、Yield city fusion of multiple industry as a wholeComprehensive modern enterprise group;Based on the first-class professional talent team、Advanced modern technology、Rich experience in international engineering,China far east group is rapidly developed into an international well-known large group enterprises。

The group ownsShanghai huangpu river bridge construction co., LTDShanghai far east international bridge construction co., LTDShanghai far east international development co., LTDCompanies and domestic areas、Overseas companies, etc20Several wholly-owned subsidiary、The cordsBallet company。

Shanghai far east international bridge construction co., LTDWith the ministry of construction issued by the highway、The house、Municipal utilities engineering construction general contracting level、The steel structure、Bridges have professional contracting qualificationIn2007The end of the restructuring,Be“Shanghai industrial development co., LTD”Acquisition,Become a subsidiary of Shanghai sasac subordinate enterprises

The Chinese group has always been to far east“Build better city life”As own duty,Respond to national construction“the Belt and Roa”The strategic thinking,Implementation of the capitalization、In public、The internationalization development,Projects in mainland China and South Africa、Portugal、Angola、Kenya、Zimbabwe、Gabon、Namibia、Egypt、Botswana、Libya、Equatorial guinea、Outer Mongolia......Business empire have been expanded to global 20 cities。

In recent years,The far east with international vision,Around the country industry strategic orientation,With industrial development and renewal of the city as the core,Combined with urban industrial foundation and development advantage,Fully mining industry characteristics,Guide the industry agglomeration,Efforts to become an important engine industry development and the urban value enhancement。

Will be adhering to the far east“To have a striver、Take the customer as the core”The enterprise concept,To keep pace,And with an open mindFastAction,With comprehensive domestic and international、The layout of the multi-dimensional and cooperation,Continuous efforts to create value,To share with their development,Become the urban construction and city producing fusionThe preferredService providers and leading。

Far eastern industries
Billions of ten years Enterprises in one hundred

Leadership concern

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News and information

  • 2019Years, chairman of the New Year message
  • Far east group chairman jian-fei lu attended haimen the third session of the 17th people's congress
  • Far east group chairman jian-fei lu was invited to attend the province the second session of the thirteenth session of the NPC
  • Struggle Chang Leren——Jian-fei lu
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